Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Super Green Chocolate Juice:

I am one who truly believes in the power of juicing (Not as a Meal) more like a super vitamin:

It helps with :
-Vitamins and minerals in your diet
-Getting veggies in
-Inproving Ph of the body

Here's an awesome recipe::
Super Green Chocolate Juice:

-20 oz Green Juice of choice (celery, cucumber, leafy greens, wheatgrass, etc)
-Scoop Vega Smoothie Infusions in Chocolate (has 2 veggie servings in there)
-Tsp. Chlorella (I'll do a separate post on this awesomeness- small amount though cuz its really cleansing!)

Put in shaker cup. Shake... It's like the ultimate protein shake:)

Let me know what you think... What's your favorite juice?

Monday, July 21, 2014

IMO.... Top 5 Supplements.....

Hey, Welcome to my blog. The title is kind of funny but its true. Health HAS become way to confusing! 

A lot of people have told me I should start a blog. My goal has always been to get people to eat better and LOVE it, learn self love and all that good stuff, but in a way that's easy and not so confusing. I mean for real vegan or paleo, weights or cardio, high fat or low fat, raw or cooked blah blah blah...

Lesson to me is always gonna be listen to your body!

Without further ado... Here's my top 5 supplements.
I have a severe gi condition and have tried literally A TON of supps only to be disappointed. Here are the ones that rocked my world!

1. HealthForce Movement or Intestinal Drawing Formula:

TMI... so on my first post I won't go into detail til later(unless you ask:) but if you go to much or to little this is like insanely amazing! Movement- to little. Drawing- To much:)

2. Natural Calm

Amazing for:
-restoring magnesium levels ( A  LOT of people are deficient)
-sore muscles/ joints
- sleep

3. Now Foods Super Enzymes

This is an amazing supplement to take before you eat to help you digest your food. Say by to bloating and hello to being able to incooperate more foods:) It has all your basic enzymes + things like ox bile, bromelian, papaya, cellulose for fat, proteins, fiber, etc.

4. BCAA's

This is great for athletes it helps cut recovery time and also helps with sore muscles!

5. Last but not least....Trace Minerals

Even with the best diet A TON of people are difficent in minerals. Even with the best diet our food is lacking vitamins and minerals and sadly a lot of people are not eating enough either.... On the opposite end when your difficent in minerals it will lead to cravings. If your body is not getting what it needs it won't know its being overfed ( I'm not saying you won't be full just not satisfied:) It also helps balance pH levels in the body... When your body is acidic that's where disease is. That's the cliff notes verson:)

 If you don't believe me you can also read the reviews on these in the links. These have been my experience and what I've heard from the people I've talked to!

I hope this was helpful. If your looking to purchase these here's a coupon code with pure formulas the website links I gave  plus free shipping no matter how much you spend which is cool:::

What are your favorite supplements?:)