Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food is Medicine...Foods with cool nutrients...

Here are some foods with cool properities... Food really is medicine and I'll show you that here!!!

1. Pineapple... An amazing fruit... I LOVE pineapple. Did you know pineapple has an enzyme in it called bromelien that helps you digest protein. If you are on a high protein diet or just feel bloated try adding some pineapple in your day see if it helps.
Tip: If it hurts your mouth try blending it!
Ways to use it: In smoothies with greens, coconut, banana. In salads with some nuts and seeds. On its own. With a couple tablespoons of coconut oil or butter.


2. Cilantro... Is great for detoxing heavy metals.  Which is so cool you feel cleaner inside when you regularly add fresh herbs to your diet. Also, it helps your skin, bonus!
Ways to use it: Guacamole!!!, Salad, Green Smoothies, Juices, Wraps


3. Coconut.... Has something called MCT's which is Medium Chain Triglycerides which help metabolism. Coconut also is not digested like most fats, science is starting to show it digests more like a carb.
Ways to use it: Coconut butter with fruit, Coconut oil can really go on Anything (I prefer butter or shreds for fiber and closer to whole food), Shreds as a cereal or on fruit or cereal, Coconut water after exercise...Great electrolytes.


Here are three if you like this I'll do more later!
Do you use any of these foods?
Have a great day!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cheesy Vegan Cinnamon Bean Dip. #strangebutreallygood

Here is an awesome recipe. Great post workout. High protein: Feed muscles. Filling: So you don't binge cuz your starving after leg day. Love this so much.

Cheesy Cinnamon Bean Dip:
-1c Beans. (Fiber, Resistant Starch, Protein)
-1/4-1/2c Nutritional Yeast (B12, Protein)
-Cinnamon (just a dash or it will be weird tasting) (Blood Sugar Balance)
-Flax Seeds (Digestion, Omega 3's) (If you are using this recipe after lifting just use a little flax cuz you don't want to much fat in your post workout meal so that can be changed:) ~Also I linked it to sprouted flax cuz that's easier to digest but you can use regular~
-Opts: Stevia or Almond Milk.

Mash all together. If you like it sweeter add the stevia and almond milk. If you want it cheesier add nutritional yeast.
It's so good. I served mine with romaine hearts and rolled them up like tacos, but if you want something even more filling can serve with ezekial bread, pita, corn tortilla chips, etc. :)

If you need the ingredients Pure Forumals has them... I just really like this site as you can see lol!:) So cheap! I linked it to the site you can use my cupon code if you want to! Code: RQANXY ($5 off, free shipping on every order no matter price, samples)

Let me know what you think! Have a great afternoon:)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Five Easy Things to Help your Health( that's not overwhelming!)

In today's world health is so confusing (why I started my blog) I meet SO MANY people who just quit cuz it's like there's so much conflicting information...vegan vs. paleo, high fat low fat, high carb low carb, blah blah blah lol...

Here are Five things you can do to help your health that are easy:):

1. Forget the rules. Seriously you know what whole foods are. Eat them :) ENOUGH of them forget the dogma around things. Carbs aren't bad, fats aren't bad your body needs it all. Listen to YOUR body.

2. Supplement with a Green Powder...So short science thing... Your body can be alkaline or acidic. Acidity is where disease lies(don't get to hung up tho). Greens are the most alkaline food and in today's society you just can't get enough. Honestly, your cravings and energy will be much benefited by them I'm not even kidding.
Here are the top brands in my opinion in different price ranges but you do get what you pay for most of the time it's worth it.
Healthforce, Ormus Greens, Amazing Grass

You can get free shipping and $5 off to(PureFormulas LOVE them lol...So cheap!). Code: RQANXY

3. Stretch.. Seriously. I know everyone hates it, but think about it if your range of motion is limited when your older and your joint health is already declining think about how little you'll be able to do if your already limited. You wanna kick butt as long as possible. It doesn't take long. Here's some good routines:: Here

4.. Affirmations. Seriously, Honestly I wish this was number one. You can have energy perfect health, everything but if you don't like yourself and feel hopeless about your future your not gonna be happy.

Here is a guide on how to do them without feeling ridiculous but they will be awkward at first but keep going!

5. Eat enough (good) food.. Honestly, if you are not eating all the nutrients you need your not gonna feel good. I don't care what your eating. Today looks are "everything" but to me having energy, freedom and life is everything.

GREAT resource for metabolism information and nutrition here.

Well there you go. Hope that helps!:)

What are your top tips?

Saturday, September 20, 2014


So without a doubt my one of my favorite foods is the sweet potato. I love them. My day is usually not complete unless I have two big ones at the end of the day. Addiction: I say yes:).
For me, I like them plain. Cut in rounds. Every way. I decided to do a round up of AMAZING sweet potato recipes. This is total amazingness for me and many clean happy eaters out there.
This is hands down my favorite recipe ever. I have it at least a few times a week. No guilt. Just love. Made by the brilliant Casey Lorriane.
Here is the picture:
And the link:
It is baked sweet potato rounds with a chocolate dipping sauce. YUM!
Not a personal favorite but so many people loved it that I had to include it here.
Miss Gena’s of Choosing Raw(She is awesome) Sweet Potato hummus.
The pic.
The link:
Then there is the simple ways cut them up into fries with coconut oil. The best, bake a couple of them plain with an avocado salad for  a lovely well combined dinner.
Of course never complete with TONS of my other addiction cinnamon. And maybe a little stevia;)
How do you like your sweet potatoes?.
Some benefits:
.Full of vitamins C, B and Beta Carotene
.Helpful with Asthma, Bronchitis, Immunity,Cancer, Digestion, Water Balance, eye site, energy and more
Want more of the benefits – Here ya go:

More Benefits HERE<3
Feel good about eating these again. DO NOT be afraid of carbs. They do not make you fat! #:).  ;)

Oh, and try Natalia’s Pumpkin Pie in A Bowl to die for!
Here is the Recipe:
16 oz Carrott Juice
1/2 Avocado
1 sweet potato
Cinamon-pumpkin pie spice- stevia (opt)
Blend and yum. Thanks Natalia Rose:)!

How do you enjoy your sweet potatoes( I don’t say yams because what we sell in USA is not really yams sadly)?
What would you like to see on the blog(be it anything).
Please let me know about your love for sweet potatoes, your recipes, and how you enjoy them.
With love <3
Have a great day. I’m off to work!

Rest Days and Recovery

I wanna do a post on something that has been on my heart...It's on rest days (this is not a bash at all) but on my instagram (which you should check out and subscribe to;) today many girls were posting pics of them at the gym saying my family wanted me there but I NEEDED to workout first.... It made me think rest days are CRITICAL. Not only physicologically without rest your muscles never get a chance to grow it is in the science google it there's A MILLION studies on it , I've studied it a lot rest is hard for me too!

.. Hard to trust your body to be okay. To not gain weight. To not loose fitness. Trust it is healthy. Trust your body and learn self love.

A rest day does not mean sitting here are some ideas!:

-spend time with friends or family
-light yoga
-study an interesting topic
-read blogs
-watch your favorite TV show
-then blog about it

hahah jk but you get the point enjoy other parts of life.

Powercakes did an awesome rest day challenge a while ago and I encourgage you to take it!!1

Find it here.

What are your thoughts? Will you take a rest day?



So I wanted to make a post on one of my favorite but things: juice. No not odwalla but fresh veggie juice yummers(if made right). But I also want to address something I’m seeing come up on the blogosphere. Juicing is not a cure all. Not to be made into a weight loss new diet fad. It’s about  juicing for how much you love the taste and the way it makes you feel. Yes juice is extremely healthy one of the best things you can do but don’t juice because it’s the new “health” craze. Do it because you FEEL the healthy! So hold off before you juice fast Im beginning to feel like beloved juice is just another way to lose weight, fall into an eating disorder, or that horrible restrictive mindset. I'll do a post on why science shows you shouldn't do a cleanse like that (With the exception of medical purposes). Don’t restrict. Enjoy. Use juicing don’t let it dominate you. Juicing is so brilliant. Without further ado here are my favorite recipes by far:


2-3 broccoli stems

1/2-1 Celery

1/2-1 Fennel



Bit Stevia. :) would be so brilliant with a little mint extract too;).


Green roots:

3-5 carrotts




Bit Stevia. Would be brilliant with a little cinnamon.

Yum! And totally Dr.Norman walker approved (check out his brilliant books!). The reason I use zucchini is it adds a lovely creaminess to it!





- Helps immensely with digestion

- Hits the bloodstream seamlessly

-TONS of vitamins and minerals

-Helps cravings
-Easy way to get veggies in
Don't juice a ton of fruit that's just a little to quick for the sugar to hit the bloodstream. 'Juice the veggies, Eat the Fruit.' :)


With Healthy Fat, Fiber and Carb makes an AMAZING meal!


What’s your favorite juice?

On a side note, what would you like to see on the blog?

With Love <3

Favorite Supplement Brands for quality, cleansing and realibity!

So I hate to admit it but I do love Super foods and supplements not as a whole meal FYI guys but in addition to like bump it up. I work with supplements at whole foods and have been trained extensively with the companies not to mention I've been at Hippocrates Health Institute and Raw food Institute in Michigan so I don't say this with nothing haha:)!  Here are the BEST one the market!

Note: I do not get paid to endorse these products...

1. By far, number one is healthforce nutritionals.
All of their products are by far the best. You literally feel healthier the minute you take them. The taste may take some getting used to and they are cleansing so start small, but Jameth Sheridan(owner) is amazing. So passionate, a genius anything they put out is top notch. These products literally changed my life I adore Healthforce for all they have done for me so I will talk about them a bunch!;)

My favorites: The  Maca (Hormonal Health and Energy), Vitamineral Earth (Hello curing digestion and Grounding), Their proteins are amazing(especially the elite green it is made with ALL GREENS:)!!) The #1 is their Vitamineral Green OMG! :)  . They have greens built in along with enzymes and probiotics! My dream is to work with them one day their products literally save my life!

2. Number two award goes to Garden of life
I love that it is rich in sprouts when I interned at Hippocrates Health Institute they totally explained the benefits of sprouts and again I love that It has the digestive enzymes for people like me with digestion issues!

My favorites: Raw Alkalizer and Detoxifier, Raw vitamins, 50 Billion Colon Care Probiotic:)

3. Number three goes to ......
Now Foods

They have so many amazing products... Including their Super Enzymes (which their is no product like it on the market it has properties to digest anything!), Greens( I love their 1lb. Chlorella) and Pretty much anything you need and all good quality:)

***PS. I linked the pictures to the companies websites in case you wanted to learn more about what they stand for. So just click on the pics:)

Here are some links on where you can purchase this here, here, and here. The site is called pure formulas.

This site is the CHEAPEST yes cheaper than iherb and vitacost. Free shipping no matter what size the order, points toward every purchase for a discount. After you purchase your first item you get cupons for 30% of main brands like garden of life! And more plus cuz I love you guys:
Use this code:
You get AT LEAST $5..

More to come!:)

Tell me:  What are your favorites????

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Quotes, Beauty Salad, and Tips...:)

Beauty salad:

-grapefruit (think we all know benefits of a grapfruit:)
-pineapple (high in bromeline helps digest proteins)
-massaged kale(we love kale super nutrient dense)
-cranberries(great for urnary tract)
-cold pressed olive oil (for hair, skin, nails, colon)

Mix yum!!
Tip: Try mixing coconut flour in yor smoothie. Yum. 

Pretty much lol. 

Absolutely LoVE this!!

One word kabocha:).

What are you loving this week?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real FOOD(Not powder!) Superfoods!

So as much as I love my superfood powders you cannot neglect the most important superfoods. REAL FOODS! Here are my tops:

Kefir is AMAZING. You can enjoy it as lactose free to. Chris Kresser ( an amazing health blogger and practitioner) uses it to tell heal his clients. Each drink has over 10 billion probiotics. CRAZY!!!! Also if Casien makes you nervous, full fat (ps that's GOOD For you!) goat milk kefir has a2 casein which is totally healthy, no contribution to cancer or anything!

Here are my favorites:
Green Valley Organics Plain Lacotse Free
Redwood Hill Goat Milk Kefir
Lifeway Whole Milk Kefir (This one has no additives like pectin which really upsets a sensitive gi)

***Note: Can make vegan using coconut milk which is what I do****

2. Raw Honey
Yes, raw local honey is on the list twice. It is just so incredible. It saves you from allergies, with lemon it helps gi issues(Saved me), gives you energy is just overall an incredible product. Note::: Make sure its raw, unfiltered for the benefits. It should look like the picture not super runny:)
Here is info from Web MD on the medicinal properties of raw honey.
Local is best but if not:
3. Banana
I bet this is one you didn't expect on the list but I love bananas. Many people fear them but they are great. They are full of potassium which helps flush the sodium from your system. (Which many people have to much sodium-makes you bloated). Plus, in a world where veggies are where its at and many people have gi issues. Bananas are SO easy to digest causing no pain which is amazing for those of us with issues. If you cook it its delicious and even easier...

Um, if you need a link I don't know what to tell you;) 

Banana Eggs:
~One banana
~Three eggs
~Cooking Fat (ghee, coconut oil, etc)

~Crack eggs in a bowl
~ Slice banana and put in bowl
~Cook in pan with your fat of choice on med.


What are your favorites? Wanna know more Real Food Superfoods ?