Saturday, September 20, 2014

Favorite Supplement Brands for quality, cleansing and realibity!

So I hate to admit it but I do love Super foods and supplements not as a whole meal FYI guys but in addition to like bump it up. I work with supplements at whole foods and have been trained extensively with the companies not to mention I've been at Hippocrates Health Institute and Raw food Institute in Michigan so I don't say this with nothing haha:)!  Here are the BEST one the market!

Note: I do not get paid to endorse these products...

1. By far, number one is healthforce nutritionals.
All of their products are by far the best. You literally feel healthier the minute you take them. The taste may take some getting used to and they are cleansing so start small, but Jameth Sheridan(owner) is amazing. So passionate, a genius anything they put out is top notch. These products literally changed my life I adore Healthforce for all they have done for me so I will talk about them a bunch!;)

My favorites: The  Maca (Hormonal Health and Energy), Vitamineral Earth (Hello curing digestion and Grounding), Their proteins are amazing(especially the elite green it is made with ALL GREENS:)!!) The #1 is their Vitamineral Green OMG! :)  . They have greens built in along with enzymes and probiotics! My dream is to work with them one day their products literally save my life!

2. Number two award goes to Garden of life
I love that it is rich in sprouts when I interned at Hippocrates Health Institute they totally explained the benefits of sprouts and again I love that It has the digestive enzymes for people like me with digestion issues!

My favorites: Raw Alkalizer and Detoxifier, Raw vitamins, 50 Billion Colon Care Probiotic:)

3. Number three goes to ......
Now Foods

They have so many amazing products... Including their Super Enzymes (which their is no product like it on the market it has properties to digest anything!), Greens( I love their 1lb. Chlorella) and Pretty much anything you need and all good quality:)

***PS. I linked the pictures to the companies websites in case you wanted to learn more about what they stand for. So just click on the pics:)

Here are some links on where you can purchase this here, here, and here. The site is called pure formulas.

This site is the CHEAPEST yes cheaper than iherb and vitacost. Free shipping no matter what size the order, points toward every purchase for a discount. After you purchase your first item you get cupons for 30% of main brands like garden of life! And more plus cuz I love you guys:
Use this code:
You get AT LEAST $5..

More to come!:)

Tell me:  What are your favorites????

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