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So I wanted to make a post on one of my favorite but things: juice. No not odwalla but fresh veggie juice yummers(if made right). But I also want to address something I’m seeing come up on the blogosphere. Juicing is not a cure all. Not to be made into a weight loss new diet fad. It’s about  juicing for how much you love the taste and the way it makes you feel. Yes juice is extremely healthy one of the best things you can do but don’t juice because it’s the new “health” craze. Do it because you FEEL the healthy! So hold off before you juice fast Im beginning to feel like beloved juice is just another way to lose weight, fall into an eating disorder, or that horrible restrictive mindset. I'll do a post on why science shows you shouldn't do a cleanse like that (With the exception of medical purposes). Don’t restrict. Enjoy. Use juicing don’t let it dominate you. Juicing is so brilliant. Without further ado here are my favorite recipes by far:


2-3 broccoli stems

1/2-1 Celery

1/2-1 Fennel



Bit Stevia. :) would be so brilliant with a little mint extract too;).


Green roots:

3-5 carrotts




Bit Stevia. Would be brilliant with a little cinnamon.

Yum! And totally Dr.Norman walker approved (check out his brilliant books!). The reason I use zucchini is it adds a lovely creaminess to it!





- Helps immensely with digestion

- Hits the bloodstream seamlessly

-TONS of vitamins and minerals

-Helps cravings
-Easy way to get veggies in
Don't juice a ton of fruit that's just a little to quick for the sugar to hit the bloodstream. 'Juice the veggies, Eat the Fruit.' :)


With Healthy Fat, Fiber and Carb makes an AMAZING meal!


What’s your favorite juice?

On a side note, what would you like to see on the blog?

With Love <3

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