Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rest Days and Recovery

I wanna do a post on something that has been on my heart...It's on rest days (this is not a bash at all) but on my instagram (which you should check out and subscribe to;) today many girls were posting pics of them at the gym saying my family wanted me there but I NEEDED to workout first.... It made me think rest days are CRITICAL. Not only physicologically without rest your muscles never get a chance to grow it is in the science google it there's A MILLION studies on it , I've studied it a lot rest is hard for me too!

.. Hard to trust your body to be okay. To not gain weight. To not loose fitness. Trust it is healthy. Trust your body and learn self love.

A rest day does not mean sitting here are some ideas!:

-spend time with friends or family
-light yoga
-study an interesting topic
-read blogs
-watch your favorite TV show
-then blog about it

hahah jk but you get the point enjoy other parts of life.

Powercakes did an awesome rest day challenge a while ago and I encourgage you to take it!!1

Find it here.

What are your thoughts? Will you take a rest day?

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