Sunday, September 21, 2014

Five Easy Things to Help your Health( that's not overwhelming!)

In today's world health is so confusing (why I started my blog) I meet SO MANY people who just quit cuz it's like there's so much conflicting information...vegan vs. paleo, high fat low fat, high carb low carb, blah blah blah lol...

Here are Five things you can do to help your health that are easy:):

1. Forget the rules. Seriously you know what whole foods are. Eat them :) ENOUGH of them forget the dogma around things. Carbs aren't bad, fats aren't bad your body needs it all. Listen to YOUR body.

2. Supplement with a Green Powder...So short science thing... Your body can be alkaline or acidic. Acidity is where disease lies(don't get to hung up tho). Greens are the most alkaline food and in today's society you just can't get enough. Honestly, your cravings and energy will be much benefited by them I'm not even kidding.
Here are the top brands in my opinion in different price ranges but you do get what you pay for most of the time it's worth it.
Healthforce, Ormus Greens, Amazing Grass

You can get free shipping and $5 off to(PureFormulas LOVE them lol...So cheap!). Code: RQANXY

3. Stretch.. Seriously. I know everyone hates it, but think about it if your range of motion is limited when your older and your joint health is already declining think about how little you'll be able to do if your already limited. You wanna kick butt as long as possible. It doesn't take long. Here's some good routines:: Here

4.. Affirmations. Seriously, Honestly I wish this was number one. You can have energy perfect health, everything but if you don't like yourself and feel hopeless about your future your not gonna be happy.

Here is a guide on how to do them without feeling ridiculous but they will be awkward at first but keep going!

5. Eat enough (good) food.. Honestly, if you are not eating all the nutrients you need your not gonna feel good. I don't care what your eating. Today looks are "everything" but to me having energy, freedom and life is everything.

GREAT resource for metabolism information and nutrition here.

Well there you go. Hope that helps!:)

What are your top tips?

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