Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real FOOD(Not powder!) Superfoods!

So as much as I love my superfood powders you cannot neglect the most important superfoods. REAL FOODS! Here are my tops:

Kefir is AMAZING. You can enjoy it as lactose free to. Chris Kresser ( an amazing health blogger and practitioner) uses it to tell heal his clients. Each drink has over 10 billion probiotics. CRAZY!!!! Also if Casien makes you nervous, full fat (ps that's GOOD For you!) goat milk kefir has a2 casein which is totally healthy, no contribution to cancer or anything!

Here are my favorites:
Green Valley Organics Plain Lacotse Free
Redwood Hill Goat Milk Kefir
Lifeway Whole Milk Kefir (This one has no additives like pectin which really upsets a sensitive gi)

***Note: Can make vegan using coconut milk which is what I do****

2. Raw Honey
Yes, raw local honey is on the list twice. It is just so incredible. It saves you from allergies, with lemon it helps gi issues(Saved me), gives you energy is just overall an incredible product. Note::: Make sure its raw, unfiltered for the benefits. It should look like the picture not super runny:)
Here is info from Web MD on the medicinal properties of raw honey.
Local is best but if not:
3. Banana
I bet this is one you didn't expect on the list but I love bananas. Many people fear them but they are great. They are full of potassium which helps flush the sodium from your system. (Which many people have to much sodium-makes you bloated). Plus, in a world where veggies are where its at and many people have gi issues. Bananas are SO easy to digest causing no pain which is amazing for those of us with issues. If you cook it its delicious and even easier...

Um, if you need a link I don't know what to tell you;) 

Banana Eggs:
~One banana
~Three eggs
~Cooking Fat (ghee, coconut oil, etc)

~Crack eggs in a bowl
~ Slice banana and put in bowl
~Cook in pan with your fat of choice on med.


What are your favorites? Wanna know more Real Food Superfoods ?

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