Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To eat or not to eat... Beans. + Tips

Hey ya'll so today my focus is on beans.

Fruit eaters say no.Raw fooders say no.  Paleo says no. But a lot of nutritarians and long term vegans so they are crucial here are my thoughts.:)

 Yes, Beans of phytates and sometimes can be hard on digestion due to the combination of protein and carbs in one food (yes, They have carbs :0 LOL).

BUT.. Despite this I truly believe they are a GREAT food.  There is no science baking the elimination of beans all science leads to it being a positive health benefits. I always go by science.

Here are the top reason people eliminate beans:

1. Phytates: First, these are not as bad as they are made out to be.                
 Here is my FAVORITE naturopath speaking on that:

Tips: for reducing them are one: Cook your beans in seaweed + you get the benefits of the iodine in seaweed. If this is to much time look into purchasing this brand (Eden Organics). Little more pricey, but you can use this code (RQANXY ) with free shipping plus your digestion and health will thank you.

2. Carbs. Ugh, this just makes me plain sad. YOU NEED CARBS. Your body runs on them. Just cuz on animal protein is low carb doesn't make it better (I'm not bashing this here simply saying science backs plant protein) besides beans are high in resistant starch which isn't even absorbed in the gut and leads to better digestion.
-Studies on resistant starch here.
-Naturopath on side effects of high protein and benefits of plant protein here. ( Not to fear food to help you feel better if this triggers you simply do not watch. This to elevate you not make you feel worse:)

3. Your a raw foodist or paleo. I'll keep this short there is no science baking the elimination of beans. IN FACT, they help reduce sugar or meat and keep a BALANCED diet. I've also found they help reduce cravings. Boom.
Dr. Furhman on Beans here.

So there is all the science:)

Here are the health benefits:::
Protein, Zinc, Resistant starch, soluble fiber, Heart health and more.

So how to incorporate them:
Here are my favorite recipes from around the web:::
-Black Bean Brownies ..Yum:)
- Pizza Hummus.
-Chickapea Fritters

So there ya go. Enjoy;)!!!

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