Saturday, August 16, 2014

Three Tips to Improve Body Image..

Hey guys, today I bring you a post that is SO close to my heart. So many people suffer with eating disorders, bad body image, etc.....It SO sad and its my mission to help make a difference in that. Its so sad how many people hate themselves. Its also sad and frustrating the pressure put out there by society to be "strong", "skinny", "fit"...Etc. Just be you, be healthy, that's perfect and if you're not where you want to be realize your on a JOURNEY. Accept yourself now otherwise you never will be able to see it..

 Here's my top ten tips plus some resources:::
Top Three Tips:

1.  Faith... The fact that God created you perfectly in his image remember this God DOES NOT make mistakes he made you and he loves you SO much. So much his son died for you so who cares what society thinks of your physical body when the creator of the universe thinks your perfect... Resources:

-The Bible on Body Image
-"More Beautiful You" by Johnny Diaz
-"The Real Me" By Natalie Grant

2. Strength Training and Yoga.... Start focusing on what your body can do verses what you look like. When you start seeing how strong your body and what an Amazing machine it is you can start to love it more.

-Yoga and Self-Acceptance
-Strength Training and Depression

3. Set a Goal... The power of goal setting is incredible and set a goal you want.. Ex. If your trying to recover but you don't want to recover don't make recovery a goal set a goal you want and make recovery the byproduct.

*Tony Robins on Goal Setting*

~Have a good day:)~

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