Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Yoga Tips And Tricks... For everyone who says they "can't" do Yoga:) #yogaeverydamnday

Hey guys, So everyday I someone tells me "I could never do yoga I'm not ____ enough." (Just fill in the blank...LOL!)
So I thought I'd give you some yoga tips and trips that help you get into cool postures.

1. Down Dog.. Your down dog should be far out enough where you can transition into plank without moving your feet back. Otherwise transitions are going to always feel really akward to you... Here is a good video on what I mean.

2. When doing poses where your flexibility is challenged. DON"T bounce. Go as far as you can hold for two long deep breaths, then inhale go a Tad further, TWO deep breaths, Repeat that one more time. Hold for a while. Yin Yoga is great for you and yes flexibility is super important. Here is a yin yoga routine(May seem hard and boring at first but you will grow to love it, promise!) and a stretch routine.

3. Are inversions your goal. Practice holding headstand or handstand for 1 min. every day (It's just 1 minute:). As you get better start to go a little further from the wall. Also work on plow and shoulder stands to. You'd be surprised on how much this helps! Attached is a pic of shoulder stands if you wanted to practice that too. Inversions, by the way, are great for detox, stress and have been linked extensively with longevity.. Heard of an inversion table.. Here is a free one:)

I hope these help! Let me know what you think and have a great day!

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