Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natural Detox Tips Part 2..

Hey guys, here is part 2 to the natural detox tips.. No extremes just a natural way...

6. Use the healing spices mentioned in this post in your cooking and smoothies to fight inflammation and more.

7. Tea ... There are so many great ones out there. I'll put a link to some good ones (I'll ones I've tried otherwise I wouldn't link it).. But they have tea for skin, stress, detox and more...
A GREAT if you hate the taste of tea(Like me:) Then open tea bags and put them in your green smoothie in the morning or if you don't do green smoothies put them in your protein shake!
Here's  a good skin tea.
A good detox tea.
A good to for an upset stomach.
A good tea for stress.
This one taste's amazing, but has no real benefits:)~:)
Here's one for chocolate lover's but again no benefits but chocolate!!!:)

8. Fiber. You have to get enough fiber in your diet. High fiber and volume foods like fruit, veggies, coconut flour, and whole grains.. and eating enough of them help you reach your fiber goal. You'll so much better. Some people need even more than 25 grams. Also, make sure you get soluble and insoluble.

9. Greens. If your body is an acidic state it will not detox. I've talked about it a lot on the blog. If you struggle with greens I'll do a post on how to get more greens tomorrow so stay toned.

10. Be regular. I talked about it a lot on the other detox post and in the fiber tip, but I just wanted to repeat it I'll give tips for this on Tuesday. I know your just dying to read that;)..

HAVE A GREAT DAY! I hope this helps!~

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