Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 Ways to Detox Naturally Everyday and what makes Cleanses so good (read first)...

     Hey you guys today I come at ya with a post about detox. Detox is such a buzz word these days with a new "clease" coming out every other day. I do not believe in cleanses or anything like that. A lot of the time they are short starvation diets.
     What makes cleanses so good is not what you are eating, but what you are not eating. In other words, you can get the probably get the same results as far as "detox" goes eating a whole food vegan diet with enough food and make is sustainable vs. going on and off a starvation diet leaving you with a bad mindset. Okay, rant over:)
     But you can work with your body to help it detox naturally. A lot of people don't even realize this, but it's your liver that helps you detox so your better off helping your body be more efficient and let it do what it's designed to do. The other thing is  your not actually detoxing if nothing is coming out of you(I.e. going to the bathroom, sweating, etc.).

5 way to detox naturally:

1. Eat a whole foods vegan diet (or as close as possible to do with a healthy balanced mindset, see below).  Kind of like I mentioned earlier, but you can't really detox if you keep putting "crap" in it. Chemicals, Toxins, Animal Products and Byproducts all aren't gonna help. If you can't keep a balanced mindset like I talk about below then eat fun foods in moderations, which I think is best. Balance, Just eat fun foods consciously and let them add to your life and your health.

2.  Healthy Mindset...OhmyGosh this is SO important, no one truly realizes how key the mind and body connection is. In fact, did you know a ton of digestive disorder such as IBS are caused by stress. I truly believe good health will be very hard without working on yourself... talking, mediating, therapy if needed, nature, etc.

3. Dry Brush.. It's this tan brush( I will put the link below) you basically just brush your body with it before showers. Your skin is your largest organ so this is super beneficial. It helps remove crap from the skin, also great for cellulite (I will also link a very detailed post below for you).

Information on dry brushing click here.
Buy a dry brush click here.

4. Inversions. You hear about this a lot in yoga. You stand on your feet all day, switching the direction of the blood flow is very helpful.... Some ways to do it... Feet on the wall, shoulder stand, handstand, plow, headstand and if you really like it they have inversion tables which are amazing, but expensive, very popular in the detox circles.

5. Last but not least is rebounding. It looks a like a mini trampoline. It's SO good for the lymphatic system and getting everything moving. You can do it as a light workout or how I like to do it get up and jump 100x to get everything going. Here is where you can get it and more information (highly recommend!)

Information on Rebounding.
Here to buy a rebounder.

There are a few more tips that I didn't have time for today, if you want to know more let me know and let me know what you think.

As always have  a great today. Oh,.and for more cool stuff  follow me on instagram if you like here.

Have  a wonderful day~

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