Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ways to get Vegetables in when you don't like them or are sick of them!

Hey guys so I think today's post is gonan be a GREAT one for you guys... I know the power of veggies so I complied a three part list of my favorite tips, recipes, and products to get your veggies in especially if your sick of them or don't like them~


1. Sneak them in other foods. Below I have recipes for getting veggies in your oatmeal, pancakes, pasta, pizza and more! This is an easy you to eat them, you can't taste them and it adds volume.

2. Have green smoothies, You can't taste it especially if you add frozen banana and/or protein powder. Also more than greens you can freeze zucchini (cut in up first) and add it to your smoothie and it makes it super creamy. Raw cocoa also totally cuts the flavor.

3. Find a recipe or vegetable you like. Try the different recipes and variety of vegetables. For instance, mushrooms and broccoli taste TOTALLY different. So try a few and when you find a kind you like stick with it. Your body will begin to crave the nutrients in it and then slowly start branching out.

4. Add fat. Fat actually helps you absorb the nutrients in your veggies too! Plus, it add lots of flavor. I always add fats to a big plate of veggies (well, usually not perfect;). Some good  ones are avocado, coconut shreds, cashew based dressing, sunflower seeds, tahini, etc.

5. Use a green powder. I have great one's below and more information below but thinks helps alkalize your body a lot! This really made a difference in my health.


1. Zoats... You can't even taste it.. Zuchinni in oatmeal:)- This recipe has more add-ins but you don't need it!:)

2. Spinach in Pancakes.. Again except for the color you can't taste it!

3. Zuchini Noodles.. Are so good you wouldn't even know!

4. Cauliflower Pizza Base (Vegan).... SO GOOD!

5. Green Smoothies:)!!! ( This is my favorite way!)

Green  Vegetable Powders:

~I love these . It really helps alkalize your body, because you get the most high quality greens that you'd never it. Quality and Sourcing is super important so here's my favorite... If you want to use the coupon here's the code: RQANXY ($$ off and free shipping on all orders) if you can want to use it:)

1. Vitamineral green. BEST product in the world.  I talk about how it literally got me in to health and helped me reverse pretty serious conditions in this post so I won't repeat it and bore you...:)
Get it here SO amazing:::: Link here.
 2. Chlorella.. Is AMAZING for detoxing heavy metals. It will definitely help with cleansing and alkalizing as well.
Here's my favorite and cheapest: Link here.
3. Last but not least... Chlorophyll... I find this is really great for people who don't eat that pure of a diet and/or need helping 'moving things along'. Or just to get some more chlorophyll in your diet.
Favorite and best tasting: Link here. (*they have pills and tinctures to just put in search bar)

*** With all green supplements START SUPER SMALL AND BUILD UP.. They can be very cleansing for some people and to much to soon can really not make you feel good!***

I hope this helped, I tried to compile the best stuff I could. What do you do to get more veggies in?

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