Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vanilla WaterMelon Frosty:)

I've always LOVED cold milkshake type drinks. Here is a great low fat vegan vanilla watermelon frosty (Also, I made it raw vegan to so I'll show how to do that also!:)

First, Here are some health benefits of watermelon for the people who are scared of the "sugar" in fruit:):::

- Highly Alkalizing and Hydrating
-Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure                       

-High Water Content
-Helps Boost Immune System
-Energizing and Light
-Cleanses Kidneys
-High In Vitamins and Minerals

So now you can enjoy the smoothie:)

Vegan (Or Raw Vegan) Vanilla Watermelon Frosty


~ 2-4c Frozen Watermelon ( Just cut a watermelon in chunks, put in Ziploc bag and freeze:)
~Vanilla Stevia/Extract-whatever is on hand- (or if you want this to be strict raw use vanilla bean powder)
~ Opt: 1/2c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (Extra Creamy), Ice (To make colder)

Blend it up. Put a straw in, Enjoy and Let me know what you think!!!

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