Friday, October 24, 2014

Healing Spices #foodiefriday

Hey you guys, I thought I'd continue with yesterdays theme~ Today I'll do a post on how to incorporate spices into your diet that fight inflammation and tons more. Some you may know but I think some will surprise you~:)

1. This is one you may now but turmeric/curcumin. Turmeric has NUMEROUS studies showing it's healing benefits for cancer-, and reducing inflammation which is SO important.
Ways to use it: Great on Avocado Toast, On fish, Stir Fries, Salads
*You can also take it in pill from, if you suffering from any kind of inflammation related illness I definitely recommend it.                                           
If your interested in purchasing turmeric here are two links:
Here is the powder form.
Here is the pill form.
(Cupon Code: Free Shipping on all orders+$5 off: RQANXY) *** Applies to all the links below***
(Also it's $5 off $25 I believe:)

2. The second is SUPER popular, but cinnamon. Cinnamon not only tastes amazing but is great for balancing blood sugar. You don't need to have hypo/hyperglycemia to have blood sugar issues. A lot of cravings and mindless eating comes from low blood sugar. With stable blood sugar you will find you are much more mindful when you eat. It is also said to boost metabolism, but I have not found any valid science on that. You get a lot more benefits when you buy high quality cinnamon like the one below but definitely that's not the only one or anything!:)
It is so much cheaper to buy it in bulk(cuz I Know a lot of ya'll use a lot of cinnamon:)
-Cool Info Graphic-

Here is that link. - can you use coupon above.

3. The last one I will share for today is ginger root. Ginger is SO healing to the GI tract and helps reduce bloating. So if you are having issues when you eat then definitely try adding some high quality ginger root on your food.
Link here.
Super good uses: In baking, Salads, Stir Fries, Juices, Smoothies

Get powder here.
Get pills here if your having GI issues.
Don't forget coupon if your getting them:)

I'll definitely do a second post on this, because these are super helpful little tricks and I have other tricks to get these in your diet that I don't have time for today! Ps. You definitely don't have to use my links I just add them cuz it's some of the cheapest(with $0 shipping and cupon) that I have found or I like the quality/brand:)

Have a great day and how do you like to use the above spices:)???

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